Label & Illustration for Pakawas Mezcal (Mexico)
Graphics for a Trilogy Education Event (USA)
Logotype Compilation (Food)
Noodle Partners Private Event Graphics (USA)
Graphics for a Private Event (USA)
Private Event Graphic Designs (USA)
Posters, Ads, Illustration, graphic design (Mexico)
Logotype and banner design (Romania)
Posters, Ads, Logotypes, graphic design, etc. (Mexico)
Competition: Cartell Festa Major les Corts
App Icon design (USA)
Identity and Packaging design (Bahrain)
Sport & Tech Company Logotype (Canada-USA)
Logo Compilation (Culture)
Logotype 1st Anniversary for Campfire (Mexico)
Competition: SK-II
Corporate Identity, Interface design and Icons (AU)
Comunication Company Logotype (Spain)
Logotype (France)
Corporate Identity (USA)
Logo, App Icon and Icon Design (USA)
Beer Label Design (Mexico)
Identity (Bahrain)
Beer Festival Logo (Mexico)
Yoga Logotype (Canada)
Corporate Identity and Branding (Thailand)
Identity for Coffe Shop (Bahrain)
Graphics for Props (Mexico)
Top Grower Identity and Label Design (USA)
Clever Play (BH) Brand
Grease magazine for La Vanguardia (Editorial El Jueves)
Logo and Website design (USA)
HG Diamonds Identity (AU)
Tough Mudder T-shirt Illustrations (USA)
Branding, Ads and Graphics for Tech Events (USA-CANADA)
Campfire Brand (Mexico)
Graphic Design for Digital Summit Event at CES2019
El Faro de Puerto Vallarta Identity (Mexico)
Identity and Stye Guide (AU)
Cover for ADETCA (Ediciones El Jueves)
Logotype (Netherlands)
Graphics and Ads (Spain-Mexico)
FunPokes Logo (USA)
Ocesa Avatar Illustrations (Mexico)
WEST Identity and Event Design (Canada)
Logotype and Stationary for Taproot Hydroponics (USA)
Logotype for Fitzsimons (Ireland)
Label Design (UK)
Illustration for PICNIC Magazine (Mexico)
Stand up paddle logotype (Australia)
Fenexy's Poster Campaign (Spain)
GiokerDog Character Design and Logotype (Italy)
FMTN Corporate identity and website (Mexico)
EasyCarCare Identity and Ads (Denmark)
ShareJockey Identity (USA)
Henry and Bros. Identity and Packaging (Hong Kong-USA)
Project X T-shirt Illustrations (USA)
Real Estate Logotype (Bahrain)
Cover Design (Bahrain)
Las Rudas Logotype and Badge (Mexico)
Balding Beards Logotype and Illustrations for website
Branding, website, social media design (Bahrain)
Hoverwatch Logotype, Illustrations and icons
Mughal Corporate Identity (Mexico)
Logotype (Australia)
Logo, Cards and Flyer (Australia)
Corporate Identity and Label Design (Mexico)
Nut n Diet Logotype and Packaging (India-USA)
Logotype and Character Design (Mexico)
Identity, stylebook, social networks design (CA)
COVER: Book cover (Bahrain)
Logotype (Australia)
EVENT: Event Logo and Poster for Bic Mexico
Brochure design (Mexico)
EVENT: Event for Freixenet Mexico
Design for take-away paper bags (New Zealand)
Branding, mascots and Stationary (Bahrain)
Graphic props for National Geographic Channel (MX-USA)
Makadamia Identity (Mexico)
Fidelis Fit Logo (USA)
EDITORIAL: Magazine design for Dreamworks film (Spain)
Dynamo Media Logotype and Web design (Canada)
Handmade Logotype (Bahrain)
Sponge Bob Square Pants Magazine Design (Spain)
Web design & branding (Canada)
Happy Feet Magazine design (Spain)
Logotype (USA)
Logotype, Character Design and web illustration (Spain)
Logotype and MascotProject for QRWMS (Singapour)
Branding and Event Graphics (Canada)
Logotype for South Okanagan Yoga Academy (Canada)
EDITORIAL: Press Kit (Canada)
MerlinApp Identity (USA)
Clothing Logotype (UK)
Brand and Webside Design (Canada)
Identity (USA)
Clever Play Toy Store Branding (Bahrain)
Logotype (Australia)
Viña del Cielo Campaign (Mexico)
Part of the Penthouse Spain design team (2005-2010)
Identity for a Film (Mexico)
Part of the BF magazine design team (2006)
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